Bea V.

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To all the people I have spoken to and worked with – THANK YOU! You made impossible possible, helping keep my parents safe and at home. When Mom was no longer able to go to daycare, you managed to put together a 12 hour shift immediately to help her at home. Such care and responsiveness had not been my experience with any of the other agencies I had previously hired. As Mom has declined into Alzheimer’s, your ladies have come up with more and more ways to keep her engaged. In particular, Kayla and Leann have created some amazing tactics, not just for Mom but for Dad as well. I believe Kayla to be the key in getting Dad to more understand his diabetes. Her help to me is invaluable in that regard. Nicole and Maria have been so gentle with mom as Katelyn and Chris. Thank you all. Thank you Mark and Becky. What an amazing organization you have made.